Fujitsu: Doing bird, Freezone

In collaboration with: Fujitsu, HM Prison Barlinnie, Designers: Sneha Raman, Giulia Fiorista, Tim Cairns, Steven Russell
Services: Design Research, Service Design Methodologies, Conceptualisation

The aim of the project is to consider how Information and Communication Technology (ICT) might contribute to revitalization of the prison community in 2020. We sought to achieve this by understanding how isolation from society and separation from family and friends impact the individual and group experience of prison inmates.

What if we could create something that is neither prison, nor freedom, but something in between? This will be a time when an offender will be helped to become a free citizen, and a productive member of society. This is the free zone - a government funded rehabilitation scheme. A prisoner will spend less time in prison and part of the sentence will be served outside - as a freezoner, within a program of rehabilitation, supported by a mentor - his “buddy”, with his behaviour monitored, and rewarded for doing the right things.

Free zone focuses on the individual journeys and experiences as an integral part of the rehabilitation process. The advancements in technology will support better and personalised programme plans, allow real time tracking and management of individual data feeds, and provides the scope for quicker and targeted intervention when needed. While it allows for passive monitoring and correction, greater emphasis is laid on providing motivation and incentivisation to impart a greater sense of ownership and achievement in the freezoner.