Fanmoji: The Augmented Messaging Platform

In collaboration with: Fanmoji UK
Services: Graphics Design, Animation

Fanmoji is a mobile messaging company enabling fans to interact in their shared language and enhance their messaging experience.

Fanmoji provides these fans with topical high-quality messaging tools such as emoji-stickers, GIFs, videos, filters and in-message games. All relevant to the community’s day-to-day conversations about their common passion or idol. All enabling them to better emote, show allegiance, and entertain their friends.

Fanmoji is excited to be launching an augmented messaging app in partnership with the Football Association for the England national football team in Q1 2017.

Fanmoji’s apps are platform agnostic and can be used across chat apps and social networks. The apps are sold on the App Store/Google Play on a pay-per-unit basis.

Fanmoji has specialised in four ‘fan’ verticals: geographical pride, sport, music, and TV. Fanmoji develops its IPs in-house or through high-level, exclusive partnerships with IP owners in sport and TV, and relationships with the music industry.