WEvolution: The Economics of Friendship 2017

In collaboration with: WEvolution UK
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Since being sparked off in January 2011, WEvolution has captured the imagination of a cross-section of people and organisations, both in Scotland and the rest of the UK, through its bold experimentation of the SRG approach. It did so for several reasons:

  • It introduced the Self-Reliant Group movement in the UK which focuses on creating a self-empowering environment rather than a strategy or a process. Based on the principles of trust, self-help and collective endeavour, people in SRGs take their aspirations and resourcefulness as the starting point to take control of their entire lives. This ‘whole person’ approach is also showing multiple benefits in the families and thereby introducing the potential for ‘generational change’ in our society. 
  • The SRGs are a vehicle of socio-economic change in local communities and are enabling people to harness their skills and capital, in the form of savings and microloans, to produce goods and services. It has helped bring economics, alongside social wellbeing, to the forefront when working with people who are struggling against poverty. SRGs have shown the potential to become spaces for igniting and sustaining a culture of enterprise in our communities. 
  • It challenged a number of cost legacies that came along with forming community groups, including formal constitutions, grant funding, etc. and introduced a ‘just do it’ mindset (‘aspirations first, structures later’). 

Having completed 5 years, we’ve asked ourselves: How does WEvolution become bolder in the next phase of its service to the SRG movement?
The Economics of Friendship Conference in March 2017 is a step in that direction.